Marilyn Diamond and Dr. Donald Rock: Young For Life—The Easy No-Diet, No-Sweat Plan to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger

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When: Thursday, August 1, 2013 6:00PM EST


Marilyn Diamond and Dr. Rock Do you  know that your body is a miraculous machine with the potential for life-long vitality, sexuality, muscularity, and youthfulness? With three key life-changing practices you  can reverse the signs of aging. Tune in and learn more…

Marilyn Diamond, co-author of Young For Life, is living proof that you can be 69 years old and look decades younger.  She’s coauthor of Fit for Life, the record-breaking, bestselling book of the 1980’s.  A healthy living and pioneering anti-aging expert since 1975, Marilyn has made countless TV appearances, including Oprah, Today, Good Morning America, QVC and 700 Club.  She loves being the anti-aging model and collaborating with her husband, Dr. Donald “Rock” Schnell.

Dr. Donald “Rock” Schnell, co-author of Young For Life, suffered a diabetes-induced heart attack at 55.  Doctors gave him up to five years to live. The Young for Life program is an adaptation of the plan that saved his heart and created his rock-hard body.  Dr. Rock is the author of books and online courses, including Fitonics for Life, The Initiation, Future Self Training and Enlightenment 101.  He’s a doctor of clinical hypnotherapy and has lectured internationally for decades on anti-aging and self-actualization.  He and Mariliyn are living proof that with proper nutrition and exercise, you really can remain Young For Life.

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